Which bowl to choose



Deep bowls are perfect for salads, metal baskets hold a lot of fresh fruit, and you can perfectly place not only cake, but also other types of sweets or snacks on the plates. When choosing a bowl, consider what you will use it for in the first place.


Decorative is suitable for a living room or dining room, a straight line is suitable for serving salads or fruits. The colored plastic bowls are spacious and lightweight and easy to clean. Glass and metal bowls are heavier and usually in neutral colors, so they blend in with minimalist and industrial interiors.

Deep bowls are not only suitable for food, they can also store personal items such as jewelry, wallets, mobile phone accessories, etc. A wide range of bowls allows you to find the perfect model.
Most bowls are dense and streamlined, making it easy to serve sauces, soups or drinks.

Fruit baskets

An original fruit basket of an unusual shape will become a unique accent of any interior. An excellent solution would be unique crystal vases for flowers and fruits, decanters, bowls, or even tea sets from Aleks Crystal s.r.o. https://aleks-crystal.com/vases-for-fruits/.

You can also choose metal fruit baskets — this is a simple and versatile piece of equipment for the living room, kitchen and dining room. Unusual vases will attract the attention of guests and add uniqueness to the interior. Larger baskets can also be used as organizers for newspapers, flyers, change keys and other supplies.

Dessert glass

Flatter than bowls, they have traditionally been used for storing sweets. Modern modernized versions can take many forms and rarely resemble a flat round plate on a saucer. You can choose a retro-style plate with an organic leaf shape or even a modern stainless steel plate.

An original plate will make your table stand out and make each dish unique;
the high quality of the materials used allows a long and trouble-free use;
ideal for serving sweets, fruits and other snacks.


Depending on the style of your interior, you can choose bowls made of metal, glass, porcelain, wood and plastic, or a combination of these materials. When choosing a specific model, pay attention to the cleaning method recommended by the manufacturer (not all bowls and plates are dishwasher safe).


The most popular metal for bowls, baskets and plates is steel, sometimes neat, sometimes enamelled. Matt or glossy, silver or colored steel is a versatile and timeless material. It looks good both alone and in combination with wood, glass or plastic. Metal gives the greatest possibilities in terms of the shape of the dishes, therefore the choice of bowls and baskets from this material is the widest.


Wooden trays, baskets or bowls are the perfect addition to a wood-dominated interior. Dark exotic woods will suit traditionally furnished rooms, and light ones will suit Scandinavian arrangements. Handcrafted wood crockery can be used as trays, bowls and effective serving boards for appetizers. Also rattan fruit baskets can work as containers for storing personal trinkets.


How about a bowl that resembles a stroke of a thick marker, or an apple tip with a characteristic ponytail? Plastic can be of any shape, and with a good design, the effect is guaranteed! Among the plastic bowls, you also have the largest selection of colors, so if you want to spice up your kitchen or living room with a colorful accent, choose one of these materials.


It can be hand blown, different thickness, transparent and colorful. It can have a classic oval shape, a simple geometric shape or a richly decorated surface. For lovers of the latest trends, we offer crystal bowls with modern designs and architectural character.


Porcelain is a material that warms up the interior and gives it an idyllic homely character. Ceramic bowls can also be used as vases for soups, sauces, or stews. You can choose from a simple bowl in a bright color or a ceramic plate with a print of original characters from a fairy tale.


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